The Go

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The Go

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I did not see this while looking through the other threads, and started it for fans of The Go (so proud they are on burger now).
I wanted to talk on it about something that has been bugging my mind, and had to make this in the process. Here goes.

I like going on Discogs a lot just looking at random releases. One day, I was looking at buying a first press copy of The Go's album Whatcha Doin, which has Jack on it. I couldn't find any on Ebay, so went to Discogs. I knew Sub Pop had "reissues" of it and found out they were sold out. I am not a reissue guy anyway, so another reason to go on Discogs, which doesn't even have the reissue on it yet. I looked at the ones for sale and nearly peed. $95 bucks? Seriously? So, since the $8 reissues are sold out, do you think I should buy this?
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Re: The Go

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Any record is as much word to you as you are willing to pay for it.
“More people know a fragment of his music than know his name.”
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