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This new hip hop "artist" is terrible. I can totally respect Jack and the label wanting to reach out with their cool ideas and unique way of recording, etc. However, musically and personally this guy is just not good. There isn't really much to say, just listen to his album on itunes, the song "Flight Home". WTF. The lyrics have about as much soul as my old slippers the dog got to. I watched American Epics the other day where Jack helped people from all genres record at the old Vox studio in LA and the rapper sounded decent, covered a song in his own way from the 1920's and gave a good talk afterwords about what it meant to him. In the articles about "Shirt" he doesn't even mention ANY specifics about TMR, saying "We talked and it worked out", like well shit, I guess if no one else will sign me I will go with these guys. I dont have a vendetta against hip hop or shit I mean shirt or anyone really, but that sound is not music and just doesnt seem to be the way things are done at TMR, they dont need a token rapper signed to the growing label to be big. TMR is good because of their values. This guy does not have them, and from his lyrics it seems he lacks any values in life at all. :?:
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