The Dirtbombs - Answers! (to the first 5 questions)

All 5 members answer your questions here!
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The Dirtbombs - Answers! (to the first 5 questions)

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Well, we've received answers back from everyone but Mick and I'm sick of waiting so here you go!

I've got lots of stuff to do and it takes time to post all this so I'll do it as I can, here are the first 5

Q. Why are you so awesome?

Zach - I am not awesome. There is only one man alive that is awesome, he’s a golden gloves boxer, was in the army, a Rhodes scholar, wrote hits songs, and fucked Janis Joplin. His name is Kris Kristofferson

Pat - Am I awesome? That's nice of you to say. I grew a beard this year. I suppose that's kinda awesome. I live in the East Village in Manhattan. I have a beard and greasy hair and I'm wearing jeans and unlaced combat boots and I live in the East Village. It's like I skipped the heroin addiction and went straight for the wardrobe. I have a really warm parka this winter too. Definitely awesome. I bought it about three sizes too big. It looks like the parka Jay-Z is wearing in that one picture of him shaking hands with the owner of the sneaker store around the corner from our apartment. Jay-Z is pretty awesome, so I suppose any similarity between me and him would have to make me kinda awesome.

Ko - The real question is what makes me SO awesome to you?

Ben - Because this is my third White Swirl interview.


Q Let’s say all the great venues in Detroits vibrant past were still standing and operating. Which one would you like to play most and why?

Ben - Henry’s Swing Club, just to see what in the hell John Lee Hooker was talking about.

Ko - The grande ballroom cuz it sounds like it was the place to be at the time.

Pat - I suppose there's the Grande. I think I'd rather play Bookies though. Like, Bookies in the early 80's, not the Bookies after it reopened. I did play there after it reopened come to think of it. The Gories did too. Remember that? That was a cool show. I actually wouldn't mind playing The Gold Dollar again too. Still, if I had a magic lamp I'd play Bookies in like 1979. It was like the CBGB's of Detroit. Can I play CBGB's while I'm at it? I actually played there once too, but again, way after it's hayday. My beard and combat boots would totally fit in there. That's it, I'll play Bookies one night and then fly on a silver goose to CBGB's and play there the next night. And then me and Jean-Michel Basquiat will hang out and drink bubble teas together. I am kinda awesome, aren't I?

Zach - Grande Ballroom.


Q Who do each of you think relating to music is the most important person to come out of Detroit?

Zach - If Iggy Pop and Berry Gordy touched dicks and had a baby, it would be that person.

Ko - Well um I’d say me. Call me biased.

Ben - It’s pretty hard to deny Berry Gordy

Pat - Important? Hmmm, that's a tough one. It's all about context, you know. I mean Barry Gordy is pretty important. He had a beard. And without him, I mean, man, It's hard to even imagine a world without Motown records. I honestly am having a hard time picturing it. I know in theory that there was a time when people lived on this planet where there weren't any Motown records, but still, I can't imagine it. Can you? But then there's things like the time I saw this band called Private Angst play this little field behind a used clothing store in Royal Oak. There was only about ten people watching but I had never seen anything like it. I was 14 years old and as I stood there and watched I wanted to be in a band and do what they were doing so bad that I almost started screaming. It's a weird moment to talk about as important to the history of music, but it's important to me. Everyone's got those moments I suppose. Later the guitar player for Private Angst (I think his name was Greg Gordon) moved to New York and worked at a recording studio and engineered Run DMC and Slayer records, so maybe it was pretty important.


Q What's the square root of rock?

Pat - I'm confused. Rock isn't really a number and therefore doesn't really have a square root. Unless you're being intentionally abstract and silly. Is that it? Now I feel dumb. I don't mean to be all serious and literal here. I should loosen up. Okay let's start again. The square root of rock? Jam over pi, of course! (how's that?)

Ben - Bored teenagers

Ko - Huh? Girls don’t understand math. Now if you were to ask me how to bake a cake of rock on the other hand…

Zach - Grand Funk Railroad


Q. What's the most stupid/crazy thing you've ever done?

Zach - Fill out this Q&A

Pat - I guess pick up a drumstick, but as illustrated by the previous story I didn't have much choice in the matter. There are others I'm sure. Grow a beard? Sit down to answer these questions? My days are riddled with stupid / crazy decisions.

Ben - Asked Zack Weedon to join the Dirtbombs.

Ko - I could tell you but I don’t wanna give anyone any more bad ideas so I’ll say eating ribs in bed. Don’t ask.

Re: The Dirtbombs - Answers! (to the first 5 questions)

Post by hawke000 »

2 / 5 questions were bad. You could tell by the answers.
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