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20 + 1 Questions V.2.
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2. TMR

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Since TMR opened, what has been your biggest challenge?
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Re: 2. TMR

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I think I came into the entire operation a tad bit cocky. I mean, with 40-plus releases I'd sold almost 1000 records through Cass' six-year history, so I could act like I invented the biz, right? When it came time to ship a couple of thousand "Horehound" Lp's to Europe, I realized that I didn't know shit. So I've had to tone down my brashness and have a bit of humility. At the same time, I'm honestly excited about how much I get to learn working at Third Man. The vinyl record pressing world is small and even though I've been at it for a relatively short period of time, I feel like I've made a lot of contacts in that culture and it's exciting.
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