18 - Jack White's Legacy

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18 - Jack White's Legacy

Post by MegBot3000 » Fri May 01, 2009 8:26 am

Jack has done a lot in his still young career and seems to be accelerating. From a historical perspective, what do you think his legacy will ultimately be?
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Re: 18 - Jack White's Legacy

Post by subpopfan1 » Tue May 05, 2009 10:20 pm

Being so close to it all, it can be really hard to tell. I really do feel that a lot will come from the Third Man venture and I think that people will have a different perspective come the releases of It Might Get Loud and Under Great White Northern Lights. Come back to me after those hit the public and I'll have a more solid answer for you.

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Re: 18 - Jack White's Legacy

Post by 7th_son » Wed May 06, 2009 2:25 am

Thanks for taking the time Ben and for the great answers. Really looking forward to both of those releases. I think a lot of people will get new exposure to Jack from the It Might Get Loud release and it's about damn time.

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Re: 18 - Jack White's Legacy

Post by stoutr » Tue Sep 01, 2009 5:55 pm

'It Mighty Get Loud' was fabulous. I get the feeling though, that barely anything that came out of Jack's mouth about his background was true. He likes to keep it mysterious...
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But nice stuff for sure.

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