14 - Buying for Others

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14 - Buying for Others

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More often than not fans of the band ask each other to pick up merchandise from a show in order to avoid paying the inevitably high prices on the secondary market(i.e. eBay). What are your thoughts on the subject?
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Re: 14 - Buying for Others

Post by subpopfan1 »

I can sympathize with people's excitement in procuring items, but this system also inevitably leads to mongering. For each person who buys an extra copy of something for a friend who can't make it to the show/store/whatever, that's one more person who actually does make it to the show/store/space-station that misses an opportunity to obtain that totem. Also, in terms of posters, I have very rarely ever felt an interest in images for gigs that I did not personally attend. I really do wish that people would just buy one copy of items and leave it at that.
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Re: 14 - Buying for Others

Post by stoutr »

I dislike 'waiting in line', but more than that, I do NOT like people 'cutting' in line or having one person save a spot for many others. Seems to me, people buying stuff for pals at shows is similar to 'cutting'.
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