13 - Preferred Job

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13 - Preferred Job

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What do you prefer doing being a Stripes roadie or Dirtbombs drummer?
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Re: 13 - Preferred Job

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Both jobs have evolved a bit over the past few years. When I started with the Stripes, my job literally consisted of nothing more than loading the gear into the club and then loading it out. After a little bit of that I got to help set up the drums. From there, merchandise was introduced and I've been enjoying my ascent ever since. My initial time in the Dirtbombs usually found me begging to find out what time rehearsal was. Over the years I've been afforded more responsibilities and am the closest thing we have to a manager, although very far from any traditional meaning of that term. As for which I prefer, they're different hats for different days and whichever one I tend to be doing at that moment is the one I would prefer.
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