6 - Limited Editions

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6 - Limited Editions

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Do you feel that it is more important to make limited edition items (i.e. singles, posters, inchophones) that have really special value to collectors or is it more important to get these items into as many fans hands as possible?
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Re: 6 - Limited Editions

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I'm never of the mindset to make something of a limited edition for collectors. I'm of the mindset that you make a limited edition to fuck with collectors. As a collector myself it provides for countless hours of laughs.

For instance, on Record Store Day I was legitimately nervous about being able to find copies of the Jay Reatard/Sonic Youth and Beck/Sonic Youth limited edition singles. I was first in line at Grimey's, got my copies and was super-stoked, only to check the Matador website and find out they randomly tossed in hand-numbered, colored-vinyl copies into the mass of plain old black vinyl boredom. I went scrambling to my copies and was bummed when they weren't colored.

I was initially frustrated and then had to concede a hand well-played to Matador. I merely wish I'd come up with that idea.

Obviously the main goal is to get as much product into the hands of as many fans as possible. Sometimes things are limited on accident or as a goof. Other times you play it up. Either way, it's all in devilish fun.
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Re: 6 - Limited Editions

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Thanks for fucking with us and the interview. Really interesting to hear some of your answers , good luck with your book.
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Re: 6 - Limited Editions

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Jack probably feels the same way. He decides to release 500 7"s and then sits back as we shit our pants trying to get one.
Thanks for the great interview Ben!
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