4 - The Passion of Collecting

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4 - The Passion of Collecting

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Do you think that we are all a bunch of obsessed nutbags or can you relate to our passion? What are you most passionate about?
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Re: 4 - The Passion of Collecting

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I can certainly identify with people who are passionate about the White Stripes and collecting them. I feel the same way.
I'm just extremely lucky in that I've gotten a huge jump start on the collectors having been with the band since '97.

I clearly remember trying to convince people on the email list in 2001 that it would definitely be worth their while to spend $35 on a six-month subscription to the Sub Pop Singles Club JUST for the White Stripes 7". They thought I was nuts. Now good luck finding one for less than $200.

As for what I'm most passionate about...Stripes-wise it would have to be either really early stuff (pre-Sympathy) or really off-the-wall things (just got my "GBMS" cassette in the mail today). As for non-Stripes...I've been on a kick lately of ANY obscure/unheralded Detroit music of the past. Especially underground Detroit rap of the early 1980's. Trying to grab copies of certain Blue Rose Records releases is driving me nuts. I'm also a sucker for Michigan-related garage, especially anything featured on Back From the Grave comps of the Michigan Mayhem series. Will pay top dollar for the Lee Vi's "Pictures on My Shelf" please.
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