3 - WS Merch Prices

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3 - WS Merch Prices

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Does it amaze you the prices people are willing to pay for White Stripes merchandise? Do you think that the merch will retain it's value?
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Re: 3 - WS Merch Prices

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Certain things surprise me...I for the life of me cannot understand the appeal of CD-r promos and how people go bonkers for them.
I remember being amazed when an original "Let's Shake Hands" 45 sold for $100 in 2001. We thought that was the pinnacle back then!
I think certain titles will always be desirable...the Sub Pop single and original Italy pressings. The amazing thing is that for such desirable records, all three of those above-listed titles come up for sale very regularly. I'd compare it to Nirvana's "Love Buzz" single where there's lots of copies out there and they're constantly changing hands, if only for the fact that it's always a guaranteed solid sale. Like if you hit hard times, you can sell 20 mediocre singles on eBay or just put one good Stripes one up there and get an equal amount.
I think prices on things like Sympathy and V2 vinyl will taper off, considering how much of it's been pressed, and that stuff will be not be terribly desirable in the future.
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