Raconteurs Covers Along the Way on the Blunderbuss Tour

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Raconteurs Covers Along the Way on the Blunderbuss Tour

Postby theeradicaleclectic » Fri Jul 06, 2012 2:37 am

Well last night in Hamburg, Germany it seems that Jack played Blue Veins... this song is such a hugely recognized classic of the Racs that i did have to wonder if it blew some minds out there or not? Oh wait... maybe it was Blue Blood Blues and not Blue Veins... anyone know?

Personally i think thats kind of spectacular that he is bringing other musicians (namely the buzzards and peacocks) into the fold when it comes to working up his signature style with 99% of the songs he penned for the Racs and for other bands but maybe there are a few songs that really are only about the Racs and Jack or that particular period in his life... what do you think?

A few others that have been getting regular air time are Steady As She Goes and Top Yourself... Are there any others that folks were looking to hear or believe that he should pick up in the rotation? For me it would be great to hear Five on Five but i dont know if its his song or one of the other guys songs but he was asked to sing it? so... what do ya think?
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Re: Raconteurs Covers Along the Way on the Blunderbuss Tour

Postby Boonth76 » Mon Jul 09, 2012 6:19 am

I second 5 on 5 my personall favorite depends on the day it's between 5 on 5 nd switch and the spur
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