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Re: Favorite Raconteurs Lyrics

Postby dmdv1 » Sun Jan 18, 2015 7:47 pm

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Re: Favorite Raconteurs Lyrics

Postby MacATL » Mon Jan 19, 2015 3:52 am

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Re: Favorite Raconteurs Lyrics

Postby koala » Fri Jan 30, 2015 5:09 am

Kali Durga wrote:
koala wrote:
chaptertwentyone wrote:I suppose this is the right place for this?
So while doing some of my course work I stumbled upon the title of a book which I didn't know, Song of Solomon.
I figured I'd be the studious type and do some research on it in order to have a better understanding of the piece that referenced it.
Well, from what I started to read I saw some striking smiliarities to "Carolina Drama".
It's all there, the Milkman, III, violence, etc.
All speculation of course, but maybe some influence for that song came from this work.


That does sound very similar!
So by saying "If you must know the truth about the tale... Go and ask the milkman" he means that no one can actually know what the real TRUTH is, just their own version of the story?
I guess I have accomplished my life's goal of finding out who the milkman is now

That reminds me of one of the old Letters From the White Stripes that Jack wrote. The date on this one was August 2003, here's the pertinent excerpt--

three people are sitting on a bench, one of them, let's call her amazing says to one of the others, let's call him mr. Cotton, don't you think that the sun burns beautifully? and mr. Cotton replies (truthfully this time) well amazing, is it not my right to deny the beauty of the sun, even when it shines in my face?, must I always agree with you for you are my mother? amazing replies, it is impossible for mother and son to always have the same opinions, but until you are of an age when your experience proves you worthy, when I doth say the sun shines sweetly, thou must reply ‘‘as you see it mother, as you see it, it does!’’”” now there are no problems here so far, children will want their freedom, and will challenge the authority at times as their minds grow closer to maturity, this is not disputed. But the third person had something interesting to say. Her name was exemplify, and she was not happy at the state of the union. She quietly spoke”” don’’t you both know that there are three truths?”” amazing and mr. Cotton said ““no we have not heard of this.”” exemplify then states and I quote ““one truth is what your own perception is, the other truth is what the collective perception is, and the third truth is THE truth, the only one that cannot bend and is constant for as long as the object, feeling, emotion, or instance lasts, this is the truth that only god knows, and that we only pretend to comprehend.””
A silence fell on the other two, they had stopped twitching their legs on the bench, and the air was humid now, but pleasantly. The bench was now a truth in three different ways. Were they in line with the one true truth, or were their own perceptions being clouded by outside influence. ““Is it wrong to state anything at this point?”” said mr. Cotton. Bewildered. Mother knows best and calmed him with a stroke of her arm on his shoulder. They were in this together. Exemplify laughed and slowly rose, the bench turned blood red and the beast within exemplify showed itself only for a second, the eyes turned white and the others looked as if they didn’’t know what they saw what they saw what they saw, exemplify excused herself and walked off. Mother and child did not mention to each other what they thought they saw. Each one debating alone, afraid to bring to light what they may not have known to be true.

This is beautiful! I didn't know about these (until now. Thank!) and looked it up and found some great stuff written by him earlier. Also, this whole idea about the real truth does seem to repeat.
I wish he'd write more stuff like this now. Or share them.
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Re: Favorite Raconteurs Lyrics

Postby carne517 » Mon Feb 02, 2015 7:03 pm

rockinghorse wrote:i really like the lyrics to 'old enough"

Yes to that
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