Album: Consolers of the Lonely

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Re: Album: Consolers of the Lonely

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abettss94 wrote:SONG HELP NEEDED

Hey guys, so I've been recently listening to Consolers again and I remembered a number of years ago, on my phone, I used to have two songs from the Consolers sessions which were released but now all trace of them seems to have vanished from the internet. I can't for the life of me remember what the songs were but I know that they were previously unreleased and the first song starts with the end of Old Enough (The bit where the drums start playing a different beat and you can hear them talking)
Does anyone know what this song is called and where I can find it again? It's going to drive me mad!
Open Your Eyes. It was originally released on Brendan's Myspace page but has since been released officially on a Vault single.
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