Album: The Raconteurs Live in London

Stylophones to Rob Jones
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Re: Album: The Raconteurs Live in London

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Kali Durga wrote:I would agree that there are much better shows to listen to. The crowd may have been going crazy at this show, but there are others at which the band seemed to be going a bit more crazy and that definitely comes through in the recording. But I had to have this one for the sleeve. It and Broken Boy Soldier are my two favorite TMR releases in that regard.
Overall it's a gorgeous package. And every time I play it I wish that the Vaults all came on 180g gatefold...and more bones...dinosaur bones.
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Re: Album: The Raconteurs Live in London

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^^ I concur on all counts.
"And the message is clear: if we want Jack White as our hero, he will entertain, but not pander. We have to accept all his flaws, whims, caprices and manias as a critical, sometimes uncomfortable, part of the contract."
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