The Hentchmen: Hentch - Forth (feat. Jack White) ALBUM INFO?

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The Hentchmen: Hentch - Forth (feat. Jack White) ALBUM INFO?

Post by PeeWhy » Thu Oct 18, 2012 2:18 pm

I partied a lot in college. I threw a few big ones.

One time, my house was raided and I had to serve community service back home (Detroit). I chose to serve my time with my family's Catholic Church and began working maintenance. During that time I was studying online journalism, and had been writing for several music publications. I had been telling my supervisor that I was a big White Stripes fan...

The last week of my service my supervisor told me his unbelievable relation to Jack White, and some stories that could not be made up. He also gave me this album, along with countless other pieces of Jack White memorabilia and incredible contact information...

Dad: "Was it worth it?" ... it was.

Any information regarding this album would be greatly appreciated. There is no date on the record. I was told this is Jack White's first appearance on vinyl. Cheers! ... =1&theater

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Re: The Hentchmen: Hentch - Forth (feat. Jack White) ALBUM I

Post by erikrodskjegg » Thu Nov 01, 2012 4:19 pm

crazy-ass story yo!
There's some on ... se/1526176
and prolly y'can contact italy records w/ dave.
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